Mathew Knowles is a huge fan of his daughter Beyonce’s latest album, despite claims most of the lyrics are relating to strained relationship.

The 34-year-old released her surprise album on Saturday, after debuting the newest music within a TV special, and fans and critics alike have pounced for the meanings behind lots of the songs, which focus on broken relationships and forgiveness.

Beyonce’s strained relationship with your ex dad, who managed her career for quite a while, seems to feature heavily, nevertheless the 64-year-old has refused being drawn in to the drama around the scrutiny.

“There’s not a chance that we can get into your mind of Beyonce,” he explained during an appearance on SiriusXM’s Make It Plain show. “Only Beyonce can answer who she specifically is speaking to. I’d rather not enter into speculation… I can only consult being a proud father.”

Many gossips in addition have suggested the Lemonade film features lines which examine the fact Beyonce’s husband Jay Z can have cheated to be with her, plus the lead nearly one song, the spoken word the superstar recites draw comparisons involving the rap mogul and her father, who has been unfaithful to her mother, Tina, throughout their marriage.

“You remind me of dad, a magician,” she says. “Able to appear in two places immediately. In the tradition that face men in my blood, you go back home at 3am and deceive me. What are you hiding?”

But Mathew, who was simply fired as his daughter’s manager next year, refused to comment for the meaning behind the lyrics.

“I be aware of response you need to get,” he stated. “You’re not acquiring that response.”

Instead, the father-of-four spoke of his pride, adding, “I am so satisfied with Beyonce, because it means the body of training that she did makes that style of impact around the market place. Everybody’s referring to it, everybody’s tweeting about this.”

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