Blur have revealed the trailer for new documentary ‘Blur: New World Towers’, which is released on December 2, and have their Hyde Park gig come early july.

The documentary can be expected to target the Damon Albarn/ Graham Coxon dynamic, going in-depth how the band’s latest ‘Magic Whip’ came to exist as the first Blur four-piece album in sixteen years.

‘New World Towers’ – the title of the track on eight album ‘The Magic Whip’ – will be the name of your building in Hong Kong. The city features within the film as being the location of concert footage that concludes the filming, and because opening to your album’s story. There will be interviews with band members, and insights who promise to look ‘inside’ the group.

The marketing blurb promises the next:

“Featuring stunning live material with previously uncaptured songs alongside intimate moments following band from the studio, New World Towers isn’t only a chance to witness a band for the very height of these powers, but a rare possiblity to see the members at their most candid, while they reflect on their success and speculate concerning future.”

Earlier immediately, Graham Coxon said he has a complete solo album written and ‘on hold’, and it is already with the album that can follow that. The ‘on hold’ album was recorded alongside ‘A&E’ back 2012.

Coxon also said this, of latest material:

“Funnily enough I aroused from sleep today planning on sound concepts, harmony, mood and rhythm. I might want to go expansive English, rather like if England experienced a huge desert would be the middle. That kinda sound.”

Blur can play two huge American shows now, appearing at Hollywood Bowl on October 20th and Madison Square Garden on October 23rd.

Damon Albarn revealed the other day that he offered Mike Myers the possibility to play with Blur dressed as Austin Powers on the New York show, during ‘Parklife’, but Myers was “unable to get it done.”

Watch the trailer for your new documentary via YouTube, below:

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