Original The Jam bassist Bruce Foxton is releasing ‘Smash The Clock’, co-written with From The Jam band mate Russell Hastings and including guest appearances from Paul Weller, Wilko Johnson and Paul Jones. The album was recorded at Paul Weller’s Black Barn studios.

With ‘Smash The Clock’, Bruce and Russell have captured From The Jam’s inimitable live energy on record. Driving bass riffs sit beneath layers of inventive guitar parts, piano, brass, and each and every chorus seems like it is tailor-made for almost any crowded venue to sing their hearts to. Bruce says this can be of title track ‘Smash The Clock’ is only that “good music is ageless and timeless”.

Like Bruce’s last complete ‘Back In The Room’ (2012), the album was crowd-funded through Pledge Music, which has a campaign where fans could purchase items by way of example handwritten lyrics, signed CDs, LPs, artwork, etc. The band say “its success is manufactured possible by you the public getting involved, that individuals can’t thank them enough.”

Bruce was reunited with Paul Weller recently at Somerset House exhibition ‘About The Young Idea’, which showcased previously unseen items from The Jam’s archives one example is early scrapbooks, personal photographs and unreleased music videos.

From The Jam have gained a good reputation for the kind of incendiary live performances that sealed the trustworthiness of The Jam those years back. On their ‘The Public Gets What The Public Wants’ tour they play classic The Jam hits one example is Down In The Tube Station At Midnight, Going Underground and Town Called Malice. Their acoustic ‘That’s Entertainment’ tour gives fans the opportunity hear those songs in a very stripped down form. In late 2016 they’ll be launching their ‘As and Bs’ tour, that could include rare tracks from The Jam’s back catalogue.

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