Samba legend Elza Soares and 12-year-old rap prodigy MC Soffia are probably the highlights, together with models Gisele Bündchen and Lea T

Singer Ludmilla, which will perform in the opening ceremony, carries the Olympic torch in São Paulo (Photo: Rio 2016/Fernando Soutello)
In a nod towards representation and inclusion, three black female performers from three generations a few of the attractions confirmed for your opening ceremony on the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, that may take place in three days’ time on the famous Maracanã stadium.

The show, that has creative direction from Brazilian directors Fernando Meirelles (City of God), Andrucha Washington and Daniela Thomas, will become at 8pm (local time) which is expected to certain you’re seen by three billion people world wide. Check Katy Perry Rise Sheet Music page.

Legendary singer Elza Soares will likely be representing Rio’s most popular musial genre, samba, while Karol Conka and MC Soffia will probably be the voice of Brazil’s hiphop scene, whose messages of empowerment are going to echo well at night walls from the stadium.

São Paulo girl MC Soffia, who’s just 12 years, took internet sites by storm with your ex music videos that speak out against racism, including her song “Menina Pretinha”.

“I chose rap since you can express yourself, tell people what you will be feeling, speak about the reality you happen to be living. But I do like other designs too,” said the youthful rapper.

Conka, from southern city Curitiba, shot to fame after her track “Tombei” (2014) became a hit if it was used since the opening music for Globo TV series “Chapa Quente.”

Pop music and funk melody (a lighter version of baile funk) is going to be provided from Ludmilla. Hailing from Rio suburb city Duque de Caxias, the singer created huge following after her anthem “Fala Mal de Mim” first hit airwaves in 2012.

Last month she carried the Olympic torch in Florianopolis and in some cases gave an impromptu performance to her fans. “I think it’s great we don’t only have superstars inside the ceremony. We have popular culture too,” director Fernando Meirelles believed to

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Among the superstars confirmed are two on the country’s most popular singers, Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso who have been notoriously exiled from Brazil during its military dictatorship. The pair will work alongside Carioca songstress and current national sensation Anitta after her three hit albums since 2013.

“It was Caetano’s idea to own Anitta, he considers her a fantastic singer. We were really in awe of her, she’s got an amazing technique and her delivery is beautiful,” Meirelles said.

World famous supermodel Gisele Bündchen also are making a look, when she will catwalk when in front of her biggest audience ever. Brazilian model Lea T, that has appeared in a multitude of campaigns as well as on the cover of several magazines, will likely be the first transgender person to own a major role with an Olympic opening ceremony – even though exact information of her participation remains unknown. “The message is going to be clear: inclusion.

All people, separate from gender, sexual orientation, colour, race or creed, are human beings and they are part of this society. My role inside the ceremony is tiny but will probably be significant for representation, and may help to transmit this message (of inclusion),” Lea T said inside an interview with BBC Brasil.

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