Singer Celine Dion will reportedly get back to the Las Vegas stage on Saturday (23Jan16), just one single day after the funeral of her husband Rene Angelil.

The 47-year-old still existed devastated when her lifelong partner lost his grapple with cancer on Thursday (14Jan16), with the age of 73, and immediately cancelled her weekend shows at Caesars Palace, but on Wednesday (20Oct16) it turned out reported the star will resume performing on Saturday (23Jan16) after saying goodbye to her former manager in Montreal, Canada.

“That’s what Rene want,” an origin told People magazine. “He wants her to complete and come back. He knew her superior to anybody and that he probably knows that maybe what she needs too, to complete.”

It was once revealed that Rene, who managed Celine career right until his death, had planned all the information of his funeral, that could take place on Friday (22Jan16) on the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal, Canada, where he married Celine in 1994. Despite reports to the contrary, Celine is not going to perform for the memorial.

Fans happen to be invited to cover their respects to Rene, who does have turned 74 on Saturday (16Jan16), during A Chapel of Rest event in the Basilica around the eve with the funeral (21Jan16).

His obituary, published following his death, read: “According to his final wishes, his funeral is going to be held at Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal, where 21 in years past, he made a decision to marry the one that will remain because the great love of his life, the artist which is why he had essentially the most respect, at least 18 who gave him light and happiness until his final breath.”

Rene battled cancer for several years, forcing his wife to cancel a run of shows to become by his side. She returned to the level in Sin City in August (15), but she used to be dedicated to taking good care of her spouse.

“She didn’t travel anywhere,” added the original source. “She wanted to get with him 24/7 just in case anything happened.”

The singer has had to cope with the loss of her brother Daniel, who also kicked the bucket from cancer just couple of days after Rene. He will be also laid unwind in Montreal.

Dion Live in Las Vegas

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