Singer Charlie Puth renders it his pursuit for “spread the nice word” about Selena Gomez as they hates how mistreated she’s been.

The musical newcomer joined with the former Disney star on his track We Don’t Talk Any More and they’ve were required to dismiss reports they can be romantically involved. Charlie – See You Again Collaborator, 24, only had friendship on his mind so far as Hands to myself singer is involved, and yes it seems she’s confided in him about her past loves.

“Oh no no – she’s my mate,” he told Britain’s Heat magazine of Selena. “I consider her my musical collaborator. The best thing about Selena is, when she’s being nice, it’s not an act whatsoever. She’s really being genuine, that’s why I like her a whole lot. It’s that she’s an excellent friend for me. I care lots about that girl. She was actually mistreated previously and now I’m out spreading the great word.”

That’s not to imply Charlie is protected from making mistakes using the opposite sex himself. During a performance for the 2015 American Music Awards (AMAs) he loved the stage with Meghan Trainor plus the pair locked lips. He played it down afterwards, insisting it had been “a little weird” when he views Meghan as being a sister. It seems his comments didn’t head on down well while using All About That Bass star.

“During that whole AMA Meghan Trainor kiss thing,” he was quoted saying, when inquired on a major fallout he’d had together with his friend. “I got really freaked out and I said something incorrectly when explaining just what the kiss involved, and I didn’t realise that it was so offensive to Meghan. She was, like, really p**sed at me, you realize, nevertheless it only lasted a short time.”

Charlie has shot in the limelight throughout the last 12 months, meaning turned has hordes of female fans – something he can’t become accustomed to.

“I’m kinda dorky. Girls have told me before it’s cute, so maybe that’s not this type of bad thing,” he mused. “That God I be a musician, just like I didn’t, I’d you should be a dork. I’d give myself five.”

Charlie Puth ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore’ Featuring Selena Gomez

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