Chris Martin made a special quit before Coldplay’s concert within Manila, Philippines, on Wednesday, visiting a sick extremely fan at the hospital.

In the way to the Mall associated with Asia Concert Grounds, Charlie spent some time with Justin timberlake Santiago, a medical college student at the University of the Philippines-Manila suffering from stage 4 malignancy, as ABS-CBN News reviews. Santiago had hoped to go to Coldplay’s concert that night as well as woke up early to wait in line and buy a platinum eagle ticket to the show, however his current condition avoided him from going.

Justin Timberlake Santiago’s older brother, Kheil Santiago, sought to help their Something Just Like This-loving sibling and published an open letter on Myspace asking for help reaching the music group.

“A week ago, this individual already turned over their Platinum ticket to the younger brother. He will not show he is sad, this individual said it’s okay. However we can feel that he urgent needed to be there. But because of his health condition that we are not able to compromise. We, especially your pet accepted the fact that he can not be there in the most unique concert of Coldplay with regard to him, ” Kheil Santiago wrote. “I am delivering you this open notice to ask a little favor when the band could just state ‘hi’ or a short information for him to make your pet feel better. ”

The information spread with more than 1, 000 shares and managed to achieve Rhizza Pascua, the head associated with Music Management International, the actual organizer of the Coldplay live concert in Manila, who assisted organize Martin’s visit.

Even though Santiago was unable to talk due to his illness, this individual communicated with Martin utilizing a small white board. “I can’t thank you enough, inch he reportedly wrote.

Charlie also reportedly asked Santiago what song he would such as the band to play at that evening of concert and texted their bandmates to tell them to start exercising the Ghost Stories monitor “Ink. ”

As separating gifts, Martin gave Santiago his hat, as well as a few Coldplay merchandise including a clothing, a bag and a duplicate of the band’s latest record, A Head Full of Desires.

Coldplay & The Chainsmokers ‘Something Just Like This’

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