Dionne Bromfield feels her “life is made” after meeting Beyoncé.

The 19-year-old singer-songwriter met Beyoncé after her husband Jay Z performed for the Wireless festival and Dionne has fond memories with the encounter while using Grammy-winning star.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Dionne said: “I remember Beyoncé laughed and said, ‘Come and take a moment next in my experience’, and she asked me, ‘I know your entire music’. And I thought, the girl with just saying this.

“She knew ‘Mama Said’, and I was like, Beyoncé knows my stuff! Life is perfect now!”

Dionne – who recently starred in ‘Friday Download The Movie (Up All Night)’ – also revealed she’s currently preparing to release tunes later this current year, having enjoyed a lengthy break on the business.

Dionne confessed: “I’ve had two albums out by the era of sixteen, in my experience that was a huge thing, that is not normal with an average person, nevertheless it was normal if you ask me.

“You certainly will be hearing music from me a minimum of by the end of this current year, plus much more of my stuff may be the beginning of next season.”

And the London-born singer revealed her creations will be noticeably different to her previous tunes.

Dionne said: “It’s a bit different to what I usually do. You can definitely understand the progression and that I have raised.
“This is me – this can be the new stamp that I needed.”

‘Friday Download The Movie (Up All Night)’ is obtainable now on DVD, download and so on demand.