Chris Martin no more feels the desire to apologise for his music.

The singer fronts Coldplay, a band renowned for crooning tracks like Yellow and The Scientist. While he employed to worry about people not thinking the group was “cool”, he’s now on the opinions of others.

“I no more have a problem with people not liking Coldplay,” the musician told “It’s don’t my pursuit for win progressed. If someone doesn’t like Coldplay that’s fine, I don’t mind, tune in to something else. There are so many additional options out there. We no more have to apologise for the music.”

The star also concedes Coldplay won’t be particularly cool, and this following their hearts is they care about. The band, that has been confirmed for that 2016 Super Bowl Halftime Show, is back with tunes, with lyrics often hinting at Chris’ breakup from wife Gwyneth Paltrow in March 2014. Particularly track Fun, extracted from album A Head Full of Dreams and including Tove Lo, is around a breakdown of relationships.

“It’s the song that’s most taken out of anything remotely fun,” Chris explained. “The idea is just as follows: when something fights, you will see the whole world with frustration or you can try to recall those good memories and store the offending articles. We all know how it’s like whenever a relationship ends.”

When inspired to elaborate, Chris stated it starts with each party declaring it doesn’t like the other, however realising all of the positives that exited their time together.

Chris and Gwyneth have children Apple, 11, and Moses, nine, together and still have managed to stick to friendly terms. They even celebrated Thanksgiving (26Nov15) as being a family, with Gwyneth posting simple on Instagram.

Coldplay – Everglow

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