British singer Ed Sheeran was defer taking drugs after speaking with Elton John.

The 24-year-old Photograph singer has admitted to trying ecstasy before but after you have to know the I’m Still Standing singer, he’s no goal of dabbling in illegal substances again. Elton, 68, struggled with drug abuse, suffering an overdose in 1975 and checking himself into rehab in 1990, with his fantastic memories of the time were enough to prevent Ed in the tracks.

“His stories about drugs put you off from,” he explained, in accordance with Britain’s The Mirror newspaper. “You hear Elton speak about his darkest days and the man tells you which means you don’t have those little moments. He has definitely lived it.”

While Ed does not have any plans to follow a real destructive path, he thinks it’s imperative that you be honest about any vices this individual have, particularly when she has young fans searching for to him.

“It would be the wrong solution to look at it but it’s far more crucial that you be honest,” he explained. “I can pretend to become something I’m not, or I can be myself. If you’re inside the position to be a role model and go, ‘No, I don’t smoke’, then get caught smoking, it’s far worse.”

The star has spoken before about how important it truly is to be someone his fans look up to and not too long ago he told the BBC that she would like website visitors to see him for an authentic person.

“The whole of my first album is approximately drink and drugs and folks picked up on that quickly, so I think if anyone saw me a single thing, they’d become, ‘It’s what he sings about,’ not too I get nearly it a great deal now, I’ve calmed down,” he stated. “I like to be a task model, so I never want for being too much of an advocate. I talk about the experiences and people experiences aren’t positive so I do not think it promotes it, but it truly is freeing for an artist.”

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