British pop star Ed Sheeran will start up the New Year (16) with surgery after bursting his ear drum throughout a recent boating excursion.

The Photograph singer is about to take a hiatus once he wraps up his final world tour dates in New Zealand the other day (12Dec15), but section of his career break is going to be spent recuperating from an ear operation.

“I will need to have an operation in January in this little ear because I stupidly jumped off a yacht escalating up and smashed it,” Ed explains to Australia’s Nova radio.

“I landed wrong and yes it burst my eardrum so I need to go and get a graft, which implies I’m not able to fly for some time, making it kind of good; this would mean I have to work from home.”

Ed reveals the painful accident occurred earlier this year (15), when he was on a break in Spain.

“I didn’t realise what went down until I went within the water again and it also’s essentially the most painful thing which has a hole as part of your eardrum and achieving water go ahead,” he adds.

The singer, 24, admits he could be always battling some sort of injury, especially throughout the road.

“I always cut my hands open on something,” he confesses. “Last time I did which was last year.

“I just attempted to open a beer bottle, you are aware how you can open beer bottles with lighters? So I experimented with do that with another beer bottle and it also just sort of shattered within my hand… It’s usually beer bottles that smash inside my hands and cut them open. I have a load of scars on my own hands.”

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