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Singer Ellie Goulding and her musician boyfriend Dougie Poynter have reportedly chosen to take some slack from 1 another after hitting an approximate patch of their relationship.

The Love Me Like You Do star began dating the McFly bassist couple of years ago, though a new album to enhance, it feels like work is here between the lovers.

“They consider a break,” a resource told Britain’s The Mirror newspaper. “Their work commitments have meant to remain spending an increasing number of time away from the other and it has managed to make it difficult to maintain their relationship. They’ve chosen to have a temporary break to find out if they can work things out.

“They tend to be very sad that products have hit a bad patch, however are trying to ascertain if a little distance may help them complete it.”

Ellie has spent the final couple of months touring her album, Delirium, in America and Europe, while Dougie is focusing on new music regarding his McFly bandmates in England along with partaking within a spot of modelling.

“Globe trotting really can take its toll on any relationship, but it’s especially hard when work regularly demands that each party have to be away,” the insider continued.

The timing with the break seems slightly strange as only a few months ago Ellie, 28, revealed she could see herself spending all of her life with Dougie.

“He is the one forever,” she told Elle UK magazine. “He’s had a lot, and that he has a quiet depth that I love, and you also know what, when I became a teenager, I fancied him, but I thought he was outside of my league. Way too good-looking personally.”

Neither Ellie nor Dougie have confirmed the reports.

Ellie Goulding – Love Me Like You Do