Ellie Goulding’s friends are reportedly reassuring her that splitting with Dougie Poynter may be the right action to take.

The singer and also the McFly star are already dogged by breakup rumours during the last few weeks, with Ellie spotted spending time with her former fling Niall Horan right after the gossip began. It’s thought Dougie’s reluctance to calm down is to blame to the alleged split, with pals reportedly consoling Ellie from the wake from it.

Ellie‘s friends have informed her she’s doing the right thing knowning that, if Dougie is serious, he’ll propose; if he is not, he’ll disappear,” an insider told Britain’s Star magazine. “But Ellie is devastated as she’d picked a wedding gown plus an Italian venue with the big event.”

Ellie, 28, and Dougie, also 28, confirmed their relationship in February 2014 together been discussing baby and marriage plans before things turned rocky. It seems the conversations got Ellie’s hopes up.

Ellie came home at some point and Dougie a gift in the box on her, which has been a bracelet,” the cause shared. “When she opened the lamp Ellie cried because she was expecting a wedding ring. She walked out from the room and refused to speak to him. Dougie felt terrible, but he cannot bring himself to obtain married at this time.”

A recent interview with Mail on Sunday’s You magazine revealed exactly how serious things had become between your pair before it went downhill.

“We wish to (marry) and that we do desire to have children but I think realistically is not happening for a while. Next year I’m on tour and I don’t wish it to be something we easily fit in,” Ellie explained.

“We both feel we need to obtain ourselves more settled with this work before we could even think about starting a household. I’m fully conscious of how mad that sounds but the two of us know it’s whatever we want.”

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