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Ed Sheeran disappeared from the general public eye in 2016 as well as it’s all because of Elton John.

The Shape of You singer is signed in order to Elton John’s management organization and he turned to the famous entertainer for career guidance at the end of 2015 about what to perform next.
“He was therefore omnipresent I said, ‘Ed, even I’m sick of a person. Go away’, ” Elton John revealed to Moving Stone.

“And he do. He just went to tiongkok with his girlfriend, had a lot of fun, put on a lot of weight, consumed food and came back… And it is the most brilliant thing might have done, because it refreshes your own soul.
“He was as well omnipresent. Taylor Swift’s carried out the same thing. I mean, all she has got now is the single along with Zayn Malik for the 50 Shades of Gray soundtrack. You have not really heard much of the girl since 1989, except when the girl broke up with Tom Hiddleston, that’s about it. ”

Sheeran broke the news to followers in December 2015 that he would definitely “bugger off for a little bit, ” writing on social networking:
“I’m taking a break through my phone, emails and social media for a while, I’ve experienced such an amazing ride during the last five years but We find myself seeing the entire world through a screen and not the eyes so I’m using this opportunity of me personally not having to be anywhere or even do anything to travel the world and find out everything I miss, ” he wrote.

Ed Sheeran

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“To my loved ones and friends, if you love me personally you will understand me buggering off for a bit, in order to my fans, the third record is on its way and is a good thing I have made thus far. ”
During his year away, Sheeran visited Iceland, Bekwai, ghana, Liberia, Italy, Fiji, The japanese, New Zealand and even invested some time shucking oysters within Tasmania.

He released their third studio album, separate, in March this year that has since gone number one within 23 countries.

As Elton John told Rolling Rock, telling Sheeran to vanish for a while isn’t the only high quality advice he’s given the actual young star during their career.

“The thing I really like about Ed is he has always asking for advice, ” John said.

“For instance, when the first album, &, came out, he phoned me personally up and said, ‘Listen, the record company desires me to go and make an additional album straight away. But I have been offered an 88-date tour with Taylor Quick. What do I do? ’

“I said, ‘Well, it’s a no-brainer. You do the Taylor Quick Tour because, A) it is not particularly your target audience, B) she’s a friend associated with yours. You’ll be actively playing to half-empty audiences arriving. But it’ll be the the majority of incredible experience for you. It’ll give you everything you need when you allow it to be further on really large. ’ And he listened to which, and it was the best thing might have done. ”