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Wistful blue eyes, the finest mise trimmed in gold, the shiny mane full of fantastic brown hair matched along with two buffalo-like horns finished by a smile that could actually kill, isn’t exactly the cookie-cutter appearance of a Hollywood heartthrob or the looks of Knight in shining armor Charming. However , some — if not all – followers of Disney’s latest adaption, Beauty and the Beast plead to differ. You see, they’re swooning over one character: the actual Beast (played by Serta Stevens)… before he transforms back into a prince.

Even though Gaston (Luke Evans) might almost certainly want the attention crowding the Beast after the film’s $170 million box weekend break office blitz for their own, it seems fans have selected their prince (AKA the actual Beast).

And while you could declare that it makes sense for Beauty and also the Beast admirers to discover the cursed prince because he has many redeeming characteristics – he’s educated, mystical, a bit of a bad boy, and let us not forget his piercing glowing blue eyes – we really feel compelled to remind a person, that he’s…well, still the Beast. (Then again, is not the point of the story to appear past outward appearances and find out to love the person within the furry exterior? ) As LeFou would say, the Animal has a certain, “Je nenni sais quoi” about him. (Gaston wouldn’t know what that means. ) Plus, he’s not really a animal – just an enchanted, tormented prince.

The Beast pre-tranformation also has a notable amorist in Emma Watson. Within a recent interview, Emma indicated her feelings about the Disney character as it mirrors his passion fueled tweets and text messaging of many movie goers. The girl explained that “There’s something special in him when he transforms. You are like a bit, oh…OK, you had been quite nice before. He has hot. The beast is actually hot. ” Sure, however isn’t he even warmer after he transforms back to a prince, clearly getting learned his lesson? Only a thought.

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