Pop star Joe Jonas appreciates the “unique situation” his second chance at the music career has afforded him.

The 26 years old first found fame like a teenage an affiliate sibling boy band The Jonas Brothers. The group disbanded in 2013 and captured Joe formed a fresh group, called DNCE, which can be picking up rave reviews and positive feedback from your public. The singer accepts it will likely be hard to replicate the success he’d with his brothers Nick and Kevin but he grateful to have the chance to try.

“Doing Round 2 is really a unique situation,” he told USA Today. “I recognize how rare it can be to get second chances within the music industry. The difference versus Round 1 is I have a lots of freedom to generate something I’m excited about,” in addition to “time to step away and be like, ‘OK, what type of music do I might like to do?'”

Joe knows firsthand how soon things can sink if a project is rushed – in a hiatus from The Jonas Brothers this year he released a solo album, called Fastlife, which didn’t set the charts alight.

“(It was) a well used case of way too many cooks inside the kitchen, when it was producers and the label,” he explained. “I experienced a year to generate the record and release it and tour it, so for virtually any artist, that’s almost no time at all. It was an exceptionally rushed situation.”

While his solo career faltered, his younger brother Nick has been able to succeed regarding his own music, as a result of hits including Chains and Jealous, something Joe never feels when contemplating his former bandmate’s achievements; he could be just happy Nick’s efforts is settling.

“We’re very supportive of each other,” he smiled. “It’s cool to view that we can both have a place inside the marketplace and music and it is no competition; it’s extremely different musically. We know that it is our individual times for taking that journey ourselves then there is no hard feelings regarding it. It’s genuinely similar to, ‘Let’s see where this goes for every other’.”

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