Joe Jonas’ new group DNCE are seeking to be “the greatest band inside universe”.

The 26-year-old singer has found fame as you third of sibling group The Jonas Brothers. He is now longing for similar success regarding his new musical venture, which sees him form groups with guitarist JinJoo, bassist/keyboardist Cole Whittle, and drummer Jack Lawless.

And with One Direction currently on hiatus we have an opening for any new world-famous band with DNCE (pronounced dance) confident they are able to fill the positioning.

Bandmember Cole, explained their unusual moniker emerged after a songwriting session. “The name came inside creative process writing a song about being too tipsy or drunk to spell the phrase dance, which is blossomed into four letters, four different unique superheroes. Each letter can indicate whatever someone would like to so it’s an incredibly universal, big, open wide concept,” he revealed.

The group are gonna release their debut single Cake By The Ocean but face it wasn’t actually them who put together the quirky title to the track.

“We wrote the song by producers from Sweden, they kept confusing the drink Sex On The Beach with Cake By The Ocean and that we ran by using it,” Joe told MTV News.

He previously said that despite his fame, he’s not expecting DNCE for being successful straight over starting line. Instead, he or she is prepared to join his bandmates in making an effort to build up a fanbase.

“It can be easy to receive this from such as the Jonas Brothers by having an ego, but I’ve got my directly straight,” he told Billboard magazine. “I’m wanting to get out there and make a fan base.”

But bandmate Cole stated their ambitions in additional confident fashion: “The quick and long-term plan to the band shall be the biggest band inside the universe.”

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