Jon Bellion will be joining 21 years old Pilots for the North American part of their “Emotional Roadshow Globe Tour, ” according to a good announcement via Twitter through Twenty One Pilots.

Bellion will start his tenure with the duet at the January 17 display in Providence, Rhode Tropical isle, and perform 33 displays, wrapping it up March five in Louisville, Kentucky. Jon’s inclusion in the Twenty One Fliers live shows could be the dream music pairing of 2017. Bellion’s debut album, The Human Problem, debuted at No. 5 within the Billboard charts. Twenty One Aviators has been experiencing overwhelming achievement on the Billboard charts too, recently accomplishing a task only the Beatles as well as Elvis Presley had formerly accomplished by having two public in the Top 5 simultaneously according to Forbes.

Naturally because both Jon Bellion and also Twenty One Pilots are highly effective on the charts and each acts have been praised for his or her unique sounds, the integrating of the two seemed like may well match up. But is Bellion stage ready enough to maintain a band whose phase show has already been getting lots of attention?

While Jon Bellion may have penned the refrain for the song “Monster” carried out by Eminem and Rihanna, two experienced and well-known live performers, Bellion’s personal tour experience is limited in order to smaller venues, suggesting Jon may be in for a treat. As earlier reported by Inquisitr, Twenty One Jet pilots has been making plenty of head lines for their live performances which include costumes, body paint, the human-sized hamster ball and another concert in which Twenty One Birdmen lead singer Tyler Paul was mauled by overzealous fans while attempting to audience surf.

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According to The New Yorker, despite being low input the media, the 21 years old Pilots fan base is massive and they’re expected to carry out in sold-out shows for your remainder of the tour. Whilst Jon Bellion may not choose the costumes and theatrics, their commercial success indicates they have a strong fan base of their own. But , just to be sure that Bellion is ready for the task available of keeping up with Twenty One Fliers, Jon is warming up together with his own tour this drop.

According to Pollstar, Jon Bellion announced his an extension to be able to his current tour within July after the success from the Human Condition. Bellion’s slide tour will begin October twenty in Columbus, Ohio, along with end November 28 inside Boston. According to Jon’s Myspace, though he may not be marketing out venues such as Madison Square Garden like 21 years old Pilots, Bellion is offering out shows, suggesting the actual pairing might not only be the latest ticket, but one of the toughest to get.

And for anyone questioning that Bellion has the power to keep up with the Twenty One Pilots masses, they can simply mosey to Jon’s Facebook page with regard to video shorts posted simply by Bellion that show the excitement of both the singer and also the audience during shows earlier this summer. In fact , it was video footage from this short tour which prompted Bellion to use reside footage to make the video regarding his song “All Period Low. ”

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