Justin Bieber continued to ruminate within the destructive nature of fame in the new cover story for NME by which he spoke about his emotional reaction to the recent Amy Winehouse documentary.

“I had tears around my eyes because I could see what are the media was doing to her, the way they were treating her,” Bieber said in the film. “People thought it was funny to poke her when she was at low, to help keep pushing her down until she had get rid of of herself. And that’s what you were looking to do to me.”

With his first album in several years, Purpose, set to come Friday — plus an extensive tour to follow along with next spring — Bieber may be opening up about his volitile manner and the psychological toll of living under intense media scrutiny from this kind of young age. Check the feeling sheet music page.

“I simply want people to know I’m human,” Bieber said immediately previous to his remarks about Asif Kapadia’s Amy. “I’m struggling only to get through the times. I think many people are. You get lonely, you already know, when you’re within the road. People see the glam as well as the amazing stuff, however they don’t know sleep issues. This life can rip you apart.”

Bieber similarly addressed the contests teen icons face in a very Billboard profile, through which he asked “individuals to be more kind to young celebrities.” He admitted later, “Situations happen that taint your brain. I started studying the motions. I felt like individuals were judging me at all times. I arrived alive. I arrived on the scene swinging. But I was all-around letting [fame] completely destroy me.”

Bieber has safely backed faraway from that edge inside the run-up to Purpose, containing included numerous stops with an apology tour, along with three hit songs. While working around the album, Bieber told NME he became friendly with Kanye West, another frequently scrutinized figure, who offered some crucial wisdom towards the revitalized pop star.

“Out of anyone from the industry that’s creative and I see eye to eye with, he really gets me,” Bieber said. “His advice is definitely just, ‘Make music that’s so excellent, people can’t hate into it.’ I didn’t wanna bore him or waste his time. So I was like, ‘Can I play you these songs?’ and hubby was like, ‘I wanna hear everything.’ To hear him declare that, it stayed with me. It just demonstrated that he cared.”