Katy Perry’s “Rise” only has been out a couple of short weeks, however the song has now played a job on the national and international stage. It was originally written to assist support the American Olympic athletes in Rio, and took on political prominence when Perry performed it for the Democratic National Convention.

It already have their Olympics video, nevertheless the song didn’t get its official music video until Thursday. The video shows Perry running with resistance from your parachute inflated with the wind. She later drags the parachute across a barren landscape and writhes while using chute inside a desert lake before with it to fly.

Mid-tempo soaring songs will almost always be tough to produce music videos for. Usually their lyrics don’t suggest a lot more than just non-specific obstacle overcoming. But the song is just too big serious to get too much fun by it, like a few of her less-serious videos. As music videos go, it does not really hold a candle to her “California Gurls” or “Teenage Dream” efforts, however it does work with all the song. This one isn’t gonna resonate with Kim Jong-un, let’s just say. So we’re stayed with Perry fighting a parachute in a very random landscape. The only thing this can get a rise from is Orlando Bloom’s, um, paddleboarding paddle. If you catch our drift.

Official ‘Rise’ Video

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