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Actress Rebel Wilson has described how she faced the wrath of One Direction fans after she hugged singer Harry Styles on TV.

Wilson recently appeared around the Ellen DeGeneres Show in the US when she discussed her previous appearance within the show, which saw her fulfill the members of the British boy band and hug/straddle Styles.

The star says that it incident ended in One Direction fans accusing her of sexual assault.

“I’m a huge One Direction fan of course, if you freeze frame at that time, see just in front of them. Basically I got accused of sexually assaulting Harry Styles,” Wilson said around the show.

“Basically, we’re just two professional entertainers enjoying themselves. And he really enjoyed it and I told him that on Twitter plus they just sent me more death threats”.

Wilson made headlines in the BAFTA Film Awards recently when she made jokes concerning the ongoing Hollywood diversity debate and the other called “transgender face”.

Appearing on stage to provide the Best Supporting Actor prize to Mark Rylance, the Australian Pitch Perfect actress told the viewers at London’s Royal Opera House: “It’s so competent to be at this truly serious event. I have never been invited towards the Oscars, because as you understand they are racists, nevertheless the BAFTAs have diverse members that is certainly what we all need in life. Diverse members.”

Presumably speaking about Eddie Redmayne’s Best Actor nomination for his portrayal of transgender pioneer Lili Elbe in The Danish Girl, Wilson added: “One day I hope another here to get a BAFTA myself. I have also been practicing my transgender face.”

Though Wilson’s jokes earned a great amount of praise on Twitter, others felt her “transgender face” joke was ill-advised.