Sam Smith will likely be keeping fans expecting new material as they attempts to discover “the core” of his musical message.

The 23-year-old British singer shot to superstardom in 2014 while using release of his debut album In the Lonely Hour, an offering that earned him four Grammy Awards along with the chance to record a coveted Bond theme, which scored the star a Golden Globe trophy along with an Oscar nomination.

Achieving tremendous success so quickly has transformed Sam and that he is now searching for ways to express his new perspective on life in songs he’s writing for his second album.

“Obviously, the Oscars have changed stuff a small amount, because I was used to just have 4 seasons off,” he tells Deadline. “I’ve learned some stuff about myself during the past few months, as well as the truth is, I can’t reserve time.

“The next day of New Years Eve, while I was insanely hungover, I just went directly into the studio. But I haven’t got plans to release anything adjusted yet, and I don’t think I want release a anything for any bit. I just want the tunes to be right, so at this time I’m just looking to get back to a cozy place, as well as, recent days I’ve stood a massive breakthrough with some songs.

“I’m just looking to get to the bones, to your core with the items I want to say in this particular next record,” he adds. “That’s my plan.”

Sam doesn’t want for being tainted by fame or even the allures of Hollywood, so in try and keep things as normal as it can be, the star has focused on simplifying his daily affairs from the upcoming weeks and spending added time with family members.

“I’m attempting to live as well a bit, and I think later I’m gonna force myself to simply stay at home and discover my mum and pa and my sisters, because I feel like I’ve missed out on their lives a bit recent years, so that’s my plan,” he explained. “When I go about bat roosting big events (just like the Oscars) it’s amazing, and you know, this coming year for me is my time to only pretend like every of that never happened after which walk back in it.”

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