It had been a long run of 10 weeks at the top for The Chainsmokers‘ smash pop hit “Closer, ” but that task was just officially offer bed by the latest large song to dominate the actual charts, “Starboy” by The Weeknd featuring Daft Punk. Points could change next week, but as the two tracks stay extremely close in total amount of plays on the streamer.

It had been quite a ride for the Chainsmokers, who first shot towards the top of the U. S. Spotify streaming charts back in mid-August with their latest release “Closer, ” but that rule has ended for now, as the business lead single from the upcoming record by The Weeknd has formally beaten out “Closer” in order to earn the current crown.

Starboy” beat out “Closer” by under 100, 000 streams, making 10, 745, 459 performs on the world’s most popular loading service compared to The Chainsmokers ten, 647, 202 for the calculated week between Oct. fourteen and Oct. 20. Which leaves plenty of room for any comeback for “Closer” within the coming week or two in case interest in “Starboy” begins to decline slightly.

The Weeknd featuring Daft Pink

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Meanwhile, The Chainsmokers have already released their followup to “Closer” entitled “All We Know, ” which has currently made an impressive showing within the Spotify streaming charts, wherever it now ranks in number 8 for the 7 days with over 5 mil streams. It’s likely which some of those streams would have visited their former hit experienced they not just released a brand new song, hypothetically giving the actual duo another week at the very top. Spotify now lists “All We Know” as styling downward, however , so it might not achieve the popularity or sexual stamina of its predecessor. Because radio play for the brand new single increases, however , it might reverse its current tendency.

Meanwhile as The Weeknd armor and weapon upgrades up for the release of the Starboy album at the end of November, even though the “Starboy” song rests firmly within the confines of his electric R&B pop style, the only is surprisingly receiving assistance from an unexpected source: option rock radio. The track is being played on several stations in the format, that could to The Weeknd’s first actually entry on that format’s chart.

“When you see others at his festival performances like Coachella and Lollapalooza or at his sold-out arena shows, it is a cross-section of all types of listeners. Forward-thinking alternative PDs have taken observe and are tapping into it, inch said Mike DePippa, Mature VP promotion and performer development, rock formats in the Weeknd’s label, Republic Data.

That extra exposure might have helped The Weeknd get the relatively small number of extra streams that helped your pet top the Spotify graph this week and could mean the main between another week at the very top and a fall back to 2nd place as “Closer” is as good as its name and still continues to go at “Starboy” heels.

‘Starboy’ Official Video