Is considered been a big year usually alt-hip hop duo 21 years old Pilots. In May that they embarked on their biggest expedition yet – scheduled that can be played 112 dates on a few continents in 11 several weeks. Then in June, the actual band released their substantial song ‘Heathens’ as the initial single from the Suicide Team soundtrack. It’s safe to be able to they’ve been busy.

These are not taking their foot or so off the gas though, along with tonight at Reading Celebration they played a spectacular present to thousands of adoring supporters. Here are five of the most impressive moments from their set.

Whenever Tyler Joseph went crowd-zorbing

Taking a leaf out of David Coyne and Diplo’s reserve, lead vocalist Tyler Frederick hopped into a giant, translucent ball and went for some sort of roll. All over the audience.

While Dun did a outrageous backflip

Not one to let Ernest hog the limelight, drummer Josh Dun had some tricks up his drivepipe too. Not only was this individual wielding demonic red face-paint and drumsticks, but he or she also took the opportunity to display his gym skills. Appearing from behind his package during chart banger ‘Holding On To You’, he does a full-360 degree backflip. The crowd lapped upward.

When Joseph magically shown up on top of a tall plinth

Towards the end of their hopeful set, Twenty One Pilots’ mercurial frontman went crowdsurfing. Half way through set-closer ‘Car Radio’ he disappeared, submerged below a sea of adoring systems. Then, pitch black. Moments later the lights get higher and Joseph appears, biceps and triceps outstretched (with a washboard shirt and lacking a single shoe) atop a extra tall plinth in the middle of the group. Like magic.

When Josh Gloomy crowd-surfed… with his drum system

The levels of ingenuity 21 years old Pilots go to are just surprising. Not content with regular crowdsurfing, muscle-bound drummer Dun planned to take his kit using him too. Suspended covering the crowd on a weird planting season contraption, Dun stayed high for the duration of poppy ballad ‘Ride’.

When the video screens came up alive

If you thought the particular stunts, tunes and extraordinary gymnastics were the only benefit of Twenty One Pilots’ Reading fixed, then think again. The trippy visuals displayed on the major screens were a ask yourself in themselves. At one place, the lights went down, then the masked men throughout white overalls burst over screen and started moving on stage. All for you to rapturous applause.

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