Taylor Swift’s friends have given her DJ beau Calvin Harris the squad’s stamps.

The singer’s fearsome squad includes supermodels Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, and Kendall Jenner plus singers Lorde and Selena Gomez. And she’s got very clear that her girls are necessary to her, even going as long as to include them in her own stage shows while you’re on tour.

However, Calvin, seems to have had no trouble charming them, and buddying around singer’s brother Austin, since the pair celebrated dating for the whole year recently.

“They’re super happy together,” a resource told America’s People magazine. “He gets together with her friends. They all like him then there is no drama.”

This must come as welcome news to your Bad Blood singer, who built a robust circle of ex-girlfriends who stuck by her during her single years.

Calvin, 32, and Taylor, 26, enjoyed an intimate beach holiday together earlier this year (Mar16) and both shared envy-inducing photos on the Instagram accounts. The couple’s relationship generally seems to be going swimmingly, and an origin even told Britain’s Heat magazine it’s going so well they’re considering a good bigger commitment.

“Taylor and Calvin had a wonderful holiday. They didn’t argue once also it really cemented on what in love they may be. It’s essentially the most healthy and mature relationship Taylor has have you been in.

“They’ve regularly brought up marriage and still have even discussed having children. Everyone thinks it’s simply a matter of time before Calvin proposes.”

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