Might this be The Chainsmokers’ following #1 hit? Yesterday, in KABOO Music Festival within San Diego, California, the duet unleashed a new ID which includes fresh, poppy female words, who we think belong to Rorro Rexha. We also understand Drew is singing history vox for this after their performance of the new quickly pull at Red Rocks.

This particular isn’t the first time we’ve noticed, or posted, this IDENTIFICATION. However it’s the best documenting we’ve come across as far as sound is concerned, giving new understanding into what is indubitably the simple-yet-enjoyable pop/EDM crossover having a catchy-as-hell chorus. Check The Chainsmokers Closer sheet music page.

The coppia has talked up a lot of collaborations with different artists presently in the works, let us know within the comments who else you believe this singer could be and you think of their latest.

Chainsmokers ID @Kaboo 2016

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