The actual Chainsmokers’ hit song “Closer” just went platinum, and also the duo got to surprise their own guest artist Halsey using the news on camera.

A brand new video on The Chainsmokers‘ Snapchat shows them sharing the good thing with Halsey while the girl chills on the set of the actual song’s forthcoming music movie. “Shut the fuck upward! ” she screams prior to everyone celebrates with a strong round of hugs.

“Closer” also just jumped towards the top of the Billboard Hot one hundred, edging out Sia’s very first No . 1 hit, “Cheap Thrills. ”

Interestingly sufficient, the EDM duo possess quietly shared their achievement with another unexpected collaborator: the rock band The Arena, who now have a retroactive songwriting credit on “Closer. ” The main synth collection on “Closer” sounds a great deal like the piano line within the Fray’s 2005 hit “Over My Head (Cable Car), ” so to avoid becoming sued like Ed Sheeran or Demi Lovato, The particular Chainsmokers just went forward and gave them credit score for the riff.

The Fray’s guitarist Joe King recognized the nod on Instagram last week, writing that he had been “thrilled to be a part of the #1 song in the country right now. inch

I guess you never know whenever a tiny part of your guitar-rock song will go platinum through an EDM hit eleven years later.


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Don’t Let Me Down

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