In an interview with Billboard, Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy reveals the facts behind their hit single “Uma Thurman“.

On getting Uma Thurman’s permission: “…the Uma Thurman melody idea emerged, so we were like, okay, now we’ll contact Uma and find out if she’s down along with us doing this, because otherwise we will have to go time for the drawing board and figure it out.”

Does Uma just like the song? “Yeah, I don’t know how she really feels around the song, but she’s ok about naming it Uma Thurman, that is cool. ”

Fall Out Boy – Uma Thurman

The highlights to be on tour with Wiz Khalifa “I like seeing Wiz everyday. He’s got this type of good vibe about him. It’s much like a hippie vibe. It’s good for that morale from the tour, and he arrives and usually does “Uma Thurman” along with us. We’ve been accomplishing this band for 13, 14 whatever years. I think that challenging ourselves to accomplish new things is significant. It’s hard to find interesting things sometimes, you understand? People said this tour would definitely be polarizing, but we’re doing bigger numbers than we’ve done before, you understand? I think it’s probably making use of different kids or something like that.”

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