Among the numerous lists which are published by Forbes yearly ranking the best celebrities financially may be the Top Earning Women in Music.

The magazine recently released their newest list saluting the girls and the very best two aren’t any surprise except, possibly, on your order. Katy Perry out earned Taylor Swift in regards to this years list with Perry getting $135 million while Swift makes $80 million. The two come in a rumored feud after Perry reportedly stole among Swift’s dancers for almost any tour with lots of saying that Swift wrote her hit Bad Blood answering and adjusting the incident.

The amaze, though, comes at # 3 around which Forbes lists as “Fleetwood Mac” but is, actually, both women in the band, Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie. They are listed as making $59.5 million, almost entirely applying their On With the Show tour.

The only other veteran artist to make the best ten was Mariah Carey at number 9 with $27 million while magazine lists both Madonna and Celine Dion as “near misses”.

The best:

Katy Perry ($135 million)
Taylor Swift ($80 million)
Fleetwood Mac ($59.5 million)
Lady Gaga ($59 million)
Beyonce ($54.5 million)
Britney Spears ($31 million)
Jennifer Lopez ($28.5 million)
Miranda Lambert ($28.5 million)
Mariah Carey ($27 million)
Rihanna ($26 million)