Maker Malay has hinted in what fans could anticipate coming up from Zayn Malik.

Malay, who has worked with other brands Malik, Frank Ocean as well as Sam Smith, has designed a new label with BMG. He recently told Billboard that his goal using the imprint is “finding a few classic, timeless artists which are impactful and still very music and anti-gimmick. ”

Somewhere else in the Billboard interview, Malay talks about working with Zayn on the collaboration with famed Indian native composer AR Rahman, who else did the Slumdog Uniform soundtrack.

Malay says: “I thought it would be fun to possess a platform that was maybe a small less pressure for the performer and then me having the problem and the fun of creating a brand new sound. The other part of exactly what I’m doing is symbolizing a little bit more of the culture subconciously with Zayn Malik, who also I’ve been working with. ”


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“We’re talking about doing a track with him and KVADRATMETER Rahman together and I am having Zayn in Urdu, it’s real similar to Hindi but it’s Pakistani dialect. It’s a modern-sounding song, however for him to sing in this language is kind of effective. ”

Malik has already sang in Urdu on a monitor once before, namely ‘Flower’ from his debut record ‘Mind Of Mine’.

The previous One Direction member lately published his first autobiographical book, titled Zayn. Inside it, Malik speaks candidly regarding struggling with eating disorders.

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