Noah vs Miley Cyrus

Noah Cyrus is determined to leave your her sister Miley Cyrus‘ shadow.

The singer, child of country musician Billy Ray Cyrus and popstar Miley’s younger sibling, lately entered the music business ready debut single Stay With each other.

While Noah understands the girl music will be compared to that her famous family members, the girl intends to become a standalone celebrity in the future.

“I’m doing the thing, and Miley’s performing hers, ” she informed Billboard magazine. “I’ve always wished for to be my own person. Even if I was ‘Noah who rode horses, ’ I wanted to become Noah Cyrus, not other people or a family member. ”

The actual 17-year-old made her recognized debut on the pop picture when she performed Remain Together at the MTV Film & TV Awards at the begining of May (17). Dressed in the white tracksuit, black nylon uppers top and black shoes, Noah rocked the phase alongside several backing ballroom dancers. However , she admits which she has a way to go with regards to perfecting her dance goes.

“I had so much fun, however I am not a dancer. It had been the first time I worked with any choreographer, and I was from my comfort zone. I’m nevertheless testing the waters slightly every time I go onstage, ” she shared.

Noah’s first studio album, entitled NC-17, is due to hit racks later in the year, and includes a track with British performer Labrinth. And the rising skill explains that while she desires to form a different persona through her sister, she continue to respects Miley’s exuberant overall performance style.

“I’ve been determining who I am as an designer. If I could borrow anything at all from Miley, it would be the woman stage confidence. For me, that is just going to come with period, ” she added.