Austin Mahone is ‘super close’ to ex Becky G.

The 19-year-old singer is dating 18-year-old singer Becky within the past five months.

But on Tuesday, the Dirty Work singer confirmed rumours he and Becky have ended their romance. Check Dirty Work.

However, Austin insisted the break-up was entirely amicable along with the pair are nevertheless good friends.

“We actually kinda separated a few days ago, just ’cause we’re so busy traveling and that,” Austin told Entertainment Tonight.

“We thought it was just kinda best after we just chill for just a second, but we’re still super close. We’re buddies.”

While many exes end their professional relationships when their personal ones terminate, Austin and Becky continue to collaborate.

And Austin is keen for his former girlfriend to feature on his upcoming debut record.

“I think she’ll definitely be featured within the album,” he stated. “Like I said, we’re still close and I’ve produced and written some songs that we’ve done.”

Dirty Work by Austin Malone

While Becky has featured on Austin’s music, younger crowd recently appeared within the video on her behalf single Loving’ So Hard.

Meanwhile, Austin boasts his heart set on another celebrity duet to show up on his forthcoming record.

But he knows his dream collaboration might not exactly happen.

“I’m trying to find one with Chris Brown at the moment,’ Austin said. “He’s one among my favourite artists therefore, if I could have that, that’d be amazing.”

While Austin is keeping himself busy promoting his new single, also, he found the perfect time to party alongside Kylie Jenner as she turned 18 over the weekend.

And he admits he was slightly stunned when Kylie’s boyfriend Tyga gifted her that has a luxurious white Ferrari on her big day.

“I think she crashed it, too, that’s pretty crazy,” Austin said. “I saw that on Twitter. I was like, ‘What?!'”

Kylie later denied that they had crashed the car.

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