calvin harris & taylor swift

Calvin Harris is “not satisfied” about his ex Taylor Swift’s new relationship with Tom Hiddleston, insiders have claimed.

Out Of The Woods singer Taylor shifted to The Night Manager star Tom just weeks after splitting from Calvin, inducing the superstar DJ to delete his previous tweet insisting however always have “love and respect” for his former love following their breakup.

While Calvin has yet to publicly reply to Taylor’s romantic endeavors, sources have revealed he could be less than thankful for just how public she and Tom, who’re currently in Australia, will be about their relationship.

“He’s not happy regarding relationship. He was hurt. Looking back, some friends do think that Taylor’s team manipulated and orchestrated portion of relationship after looking at how public she actually is with her new guy. It makes sense,” a resource told the New York Post’s gossip column Page Six.

While Taylor and Tom have owned every outing like a photo opportunity, some have suggested the romance might be a well executed PR stunt or simply even a more elaborate music video.

And sources close the DJ have declared they “wouldn’t use it past her.”

“That’s their business. It’s obvious,” the origin added of Taylor and Tom’s relationship.

The allegations about Calvin’s hurt feelings come after it absolutely was claimed which the so-called Hiddleswift vehicle is moving so fast the pair is discussing having children together.

“This could be the kind of a man she would wish to marry. She has said although make a great dad,” a resource close to the 26-year-old singer told E! News.

“They have mentioned what they want in the foreseeable future and kids are something that they would both like in the future. They have very real and high conversations about life.”

The insider also says Taylor is specially enamoured by Tom’s “English ways”.

“She has said that she loves his accent and thinks he’s so sexy,” the original source added. “He acts very English. He is fashionable big tea drinker.”