Demi Lovato wasn’t wanting to be provocative by swearing to be with her latest single. Check her new video. Cool for the summer.

The 22-year-old former Disney star uses some bad language for my child fresh track Cool For The Summer. But Demi insists it had not been to push people’s buttons, it merely felt natural on her behalf to include the word what.

‘I curse a great deal!’ she told ‘The fact I had never cursed during my music was obviously a small illustration showing how I was attempting to please parents [of young fans] and become a different woman for the children. But if I am feeling like swearing, or wearing certain outfits, I must not be tied to what they already want or expect, it’s simply fun.’

Demi has faced criticism recently to be with her latest cover shoot with Cosmopolitan magazine. In the main shot, the Skyscraper singer is noted in a silver sequin mini dress which features a deep slit at the cab end and sides showcasing her cleavage.
But again, Demi was released fighting, claiming how the pictures captured her at her most confident after a period of fighting bulimia, self harm and abusing drugs issues.


‘What they who are protesting do not understand is that for the first time in the long time I feel incredibly EMPOWERED plus the MOST BEAUTIFUL I’ve ever felt within this magazine,’ she wrote on Twitter on August 6. ‘It’s so liberating as a way to show the world how confident a female can be once she learns person to love herself. It took soul searching as well as a bit of time before I learned to embrace myself therefore I couldn’t have been more excited to achieve this shoot. I think in addition important is showing women there’s NOTHING WRONG with embracing their and sexuality. I am confident around my own skin and A PROUD @COSMOPOLITAN COVER GIRL! (sic)’

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