Ed Sheeran wishes to be larger than Robbie Williams.

The 24-year-old is usually a star within his own right, in reference to his last album, x, peaking at primary in both the UK and US charts. Check Photograph.

While that could be enough for most, the redheaded singer is actually setting his sights even higher. Ed wishes to play in the legendary Knebworth venue in Herts, where Robbie sold a wonderful 400,000 tickets for his three shows in 2003.

“Knebworth is 125,000 [people] and Robbie gets the record for doing three. So which is the next thing,” he explained to British newspaper The Sun.

Other huge acts to experiment with at Knebworth include The Rolling Stones and Oasis.

It doesn’t seem unattainable for Ed, who sold-out three nights at Wembley Stadium recently, which amounted to a impressive 240,000 fans.

Ed really got people’s attention this season, when he released hit single The A Team. From there, his career soared as well as the 2011 album that spawned his breakout single, +, selling in excess of 102,000 copies to use first week in the UK.

Things have been receiving the up since that time, which comes like a surprise for Ed, who thought his career might flat line and then original burst of success.

‘I thought + was my big album and I’d plateau from that point. Now that that one has exceeded everyone’s expectations, for most is on,” he admitted.

There is not any news once the next album will drop yet, but fans will certainly be eagerly anticipating his third offering.

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