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A Fall Out Boy fan was recently photographed trying to protect law enforcement officers in Ferguson, Missouri from potentially violent protestors.

Sunday (August 9) marked one year anniversary in the death of Michael Brown, a black youth who has been shot dead by way of a white policeman in Ferguson in 2014. The incident triggered heightened racial tensions inside the city, in addition to throughout the US in its entirety. Check their Uma Thurman song.

Lexi Kozhevsky, 19, was photographed on Monday (August 10) browsing between the police and protestors in Ferguson while wearing a Fall Out Boy t-shirt. The image later went viral online (see below).

Speaking to Noisey regarding her motives, Kozhevsky said, “When I heard that it was a state of emergency, I felt like I had to find out it for myself because I live really close. I was like, this can be history happening right this moment in front of me. I saw how a protesters were acting and I don’t believe all the cops deserve that, so I just made a decision to do what I thought was right and stand looking at them.”

She added, “The most violent thing that happened when I was right from the cops became a water bottle was thrown, and it absolutely was pretty nerve-wracking when you never know the fact that was being thrown. I just felt harmful to them because that it was a great deal of slurs. It’s not like all of the cops are performing it simply because want to, it’s their job, they must.”

On accusations of racism, Kozhevsky defended herself by saying, “I expected that. I’m not inside least bit racist. I totally agree that racial discrimination is often a rampant thing occurring in our country, racial profiling. I know if I was pulled over, over a black man, I know I’m acquiring off free. I’m not implying it’s no problem, and I think peaceful protesting is great. When it gets violent, the tactic needs to be changed.”

Kozhevsky also commented to be with her choice of attire, “I didn’t consider going there inside my Fall Out Boy T-shirt, that it was just my outfit.”


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