To better discover how to read music, maybe it’s always best to first ask ourselves:
What is music exactly?

Well, good 1976 edition (okay so I should update my book collection!) of Funk & Wagnalls Standard Desk Dictionary the meaning is:

mu.sic (myoo’zik) n. 1. The art of producing significant arrangements of sounds, usually with reference to rhythm, pitch and tone colour. 3. A succession or combined notes, in particular when pleasing on the ear.

Man, right just hate it if you look up a definition and you must look up words the meaning uses? Well, I’ll attempt to save you the problem this time. pitch would be the frequency of which a note vibrates, I’ll explain this shortly. Tone colour may be the type of sound, as an example an overdriven guitar has a very rough aggressive tone while a flute usually features a soft mellow tone (unless the flute player really sucks I suppose). Rhythm can be a measure of the any time frame you take part in the notes in, but I will advise you that later too. For now, let’s just claim that music may be the art of producing significant arrangements of sounds, usually for causing emotional responses in people (usually, you desire people to like what you hear except if you are trying to get the latest punk band and want individuals be offended from your sound! To each his very own I guess…).

Okay, now to what we got down to do to begin with, coach you on how to read music…

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