James Bay foretells Absolute Radio about having dreams about Paul McCartney Collaboration, ready to accept talks with pal Ed Sheeran, hats and new material.

As James Bay’s star carries on growing he has set his sights using a dream collaboration with Sir Paul McCartney as well as cites Ed Sheeran as being a top candidate for the future team-up. Bay swept up with Absolute Radio at Abbey Road studios before lighting up the Studio 1 stage with an intimate session while using station. He also spoke about potentially changing up his look and ditching his trademark hats and looked for the future with new material from the pipeline.

After meeting Sir Paul recently, James described the knowledge “It wasn’t the longest conversation, that it was kind of brief as they was on his way somewhere. There were many other people around forever and then I got a minute to myself and I think it absolutely was a jaw to your floor moment after having actually met him.”

Let it Go singer continued by hoping to see working with McCartney saying “Who wouldn’t would like to work with Paul McCartney? Especially when the thing is what he’s finished with more current artists like Kanye and Rihanna.I’d be ready to accept discussing it. I suppose I wouldn’t need to predetermine anything since the cool thing about working together with someone with your a huge selection of musical content from over a lot of decades is always that he could form of come at you with anything and I’d would like to be available to all of that.”

On making the primary move “I’m not likely to have the guts to attend him! I don’t know! I think obviously it could be a total dream, you understand, for a person like that arrive at me. It’s challenging to even think about it being a real thing but dream-wise, it may be amazing.”

James spoke about developing his career with increased collaboration options including Ed Sheeran “Ed Sheeran is entirely a candidate. When you have a look at all the stuff he’s done and ways in which creative they are, I’d totally assist him. As a musician, it’s really fun knowing another musician by not quite involving actual music initially, not pressured, just chatting in case it naturally, organically grew to similar to collaborating, then fantastic. Fingers crossed.”
James hinted that she might soon ditch his trademark hats “I mean the hat isn’t be all and end all. It’s not necessarily a thing I need to perform. I’ve just managed to get a bit of one thing and I might change that soon but I definitely will when there’s a robust wind.”
James looks ahead to planning new material “I can create a timescale regarding delivering new stuff. I don’t wish to take a long time, I really don’t. So I’m planning to have to go away for just a bit and develop that and not play live for the little bit but I just don’t want that to adopt long. The beauty of song writing and is always that you can’t rush it. So I’ll attempt not to rush it but I’ll certainly attempt to get on with it too.”

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