Spotify today revealed its number of the top 25 most influential young artists under the age of 25 who will be taking the music business by storm.

24-year-old UK singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran tops their email list, holding the title of most-streamed artist of 2014 and most-streamed song out of them all – Thinking Out Loud – along with the record to be the first British artist to succeed in two billion streams on Spotify.

To determine the 25 under 25 list, Spotify viewed a variety of factors including number-one hits, volume and expansion of streams within the last year, and performance about the Spotify viral chart.

Ariana Grande, Sam Smith, Miley Cyrus and One Direction round out the highest five. The list, which include eleven female singers / groups, was dominated by popstars like Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and Meghan Trainor, alongside both well-known and emerging EDM and hip-hop talent.

The top 25 list also includes various newcomers who’re making their mark from the music world, including Silento, who at only 17 years has listeners dancing to his summer jam, Watch Me. Other trending musicians include Detroit-born rapper/singer Dej Loaf, R&B crooner SZA (pronounced ‘sizza’), and colorful pop singer Halsey.

“Spotify’s 25 under 25 list for 2015 reflects not able to the record companies,” said Shanon Cook, Spotify’s Digital Trends Expert. ‘The popular Ed Sheeran leads those, however it is also exciting to find out an abundance of female artists featured with 11 of the superior 25 spots, that is a nice increase from last year’s list.”

Spotify’s 25 Under 25:

1. Ed Sheeran (Age 24)
The UK singer-songwriter has not been only Spotify’s most-streamed artist of 2014, but sports ths title of most-streamed song out of them all with his ballad Thinking Out Loud.

2. Ariana Grande (Age 22)
Averaging three million streams each day and with greater than 2.5 million followers on Spotify, it’s pretty sure this diminutive power-singer incorporates a grande-sized presence.

3. Sam Smith (Age 23)
His stunning debut album, In The Lonely Hour, happens to be released a lot more than a year ago, but Spotify listeners will not leave this UK singer-songwriter alone; his song Stay With Me has streamed over 350 million times.

4. Miley Cyrus (Age 22)
It no matter whether she’s between albums or between daring poses, Spotifiers hear Miley’s music in consistently high numbers and he or she boasts a following of nearly 1.5 million on Spotify.

5. One Direction (Ages 21-23)
The boy band may be down one member, but streams are up. In fact, when Zayn Malik’s exit from 1D was announced in March, streams increased by 796% percent inside the US. Also, their new song, Drag Me Down, set many Spotify records, including greatest quantity of streams on one day (4.75 million on release day).

6. Disclosure (Ages 21 and 24)
The EDM duos 2013 debut album Settle would be a critical and Spotify smash, and buzz is building for follow-up which lands in September – look into new track Omen which features our friend at #3 within this list.

7. Selena Gomez (Age 23)
Listeners have responded positively to your sultry turn Selena assumes her new track Good For You from her upcoming album Revival, and her popularity with his listeners puts the singer on the internet for as a top pop force.

8. Rae Sremmurd (Ages 20 and 21)
The brother duo from Atlanta are Spotify’s most favored hip-hop act under the age of 25, with multiple tracks from other album Sremmlife streaming inside the millions.

9. Demi Lovato (Age 22)
When Demi’s track Cool For The Summer dropped a few weeks ago, it generated a song on the summer buzz and rightly so; it’s surprisingly-rocking chorus has it racking up streams in a big way.

10. Fifth Harmony (Ages 18-22)
Their track Worth It is one of the very best jams come july 1st and has drawn listeners worldwide, bringing this vivacious all-girl group massive ‘worth it’ status.

11. Meghan Trainor (Age 21)
The singer-songwriter has followed inside the runaway success of All About That Bass which has a string of hits, including our listeners’ current favorite, Dear Future Husband.

12. Kygo (Age 23)
This Norwegian DJ stepped into the limelight along with his original tropical house sound within the mega-hit Firestone, and even more recently, Stole The Show, which was a scene-stealer near the very best of our global charts for weeks.

13. James Bay (Age 24)
Below the hat and long hair you will discover a soulful voice which includes brought this UK troubadour much attention on both sides in the Atlantic; his track Hold Back The River has streamed a lot more than 140 million times.

14. Charlie Puth (Age 23)
Hailing from New Jersey, this gentle singer was introduced to your world because featured artist on Wiz Khalifa’s chart-topping song See You Again, and after this he’s breaking on his own with rising ballad Marvin Gaye – which has a little the help of featured singer Meghan Trainor!

15. Justin Bieber (Age 21)
Averaging one million streams every day, Bieber remains among Spotify’s most-beloved artists under 25, with his fantastic collaboration with Jack Ãœ for the song Where Are Ãœ Now has him scaling charts around the planet at the moment.

16. Rita Ora (Age 24)
With her new song Poison setting out, this UK singer is poised to experience a long, robust career, on account of her impressive vocal chops, sass and loyal following. Check out her steamy new track, Body On Me.

17. Martin Garrix (Age 19)
He got his start remixing Christina Aguilera songs, now the 19-year-old Dutch DJ is often a go-to for party playlists, is actually a streaming average of just one million daily, can be an indisputable top player in our EDM field.

18. Vince Staples (Age 22)
The west coast rapper enjoyed an extraordinary first week on Spotify along with his debut album Summertime ’06, which has been lauded by critics as one from the most promising hip-hop albums from the year.

19. Hunter Hayes (Age 23)
Streaming about half millions of times per day, the Louisiana-born country singer is really a perennial fashionable with Spotify listeners; we’re liking his latest single, Someday Girl.

20. Silento (Age 17)
Every now and then a song occurs that inspires a dance craze and come july 1st that song is Watch Me (Whip / Nae Nae), that has brought the Atlanta-based teen rapper Silento overnight success along with a smooth ride (or nae nae) within the charts.

21. 5 Seconds of Summer (Ages 19-21)
The lively Aussie pop-punk band just released new single She’s Kinda Hot and it is. kinda hot; just ask female listeners under the age of 17 who form an important part of 5SOS’s Spotify group of fans.

22. Dej Loaf (Age 24)
This up-and-coming rapper/singer from Detroit just dropped her excellent EP #AndSeeThatsTheThing, which capitalizes for the momentum she’s enjoyed with the US listeners in recent times (take a look at track We Winnin’).

23. Echosmith (Ages 14-20)
The LA-based indie band shook up listeners last year when their debut album Talking Dreams caught on in a big way. The catchy song Cool Kids has streamed over 185 million times and counting.

24. SZA (pron. ‘sizza’) (Age 24)
One with the most interesting artists to get in the R&B space recently, this talented singer-songwriter blends dream-like grooves with components of hip-hop and soul, as well as the end result is exceedingly alluring. Listeners have already been streaming SZA’s music steadily since her debut album Z dropped in 2014.

25. Halsey (Age 20)
Her hair color may change frequently, but listeners are unwavering of their support because of this 20-year-old’s dreamy pop songs; we believe the track New Americana goes places, and appear forward to Halsey’s full-length debut album Badlands dropping later this month.

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