Lana Del Rey’s Honeymoon album is determined to drop sometime later, and, to acquire us pumped, she’s been teasing out waste the dreamy new songs since June. We first heard the title track’s ghostly, romantic strains, then read its completely crushing lyrics and realized there we were in for a huge affair.

Now, there exists a brand-new track to dive into. It’s called “High By The Beach,” and yes it sounds similar to a breakup over a honeymoon.

“You is usually a bad motherf–ker, but that don’t allow you to be a man/ Now you’re merely another one of my problems since you got away from hand/ We won’t survive, we’re sinking in to the sand,” Lana sings in the patented distant vocals, which could be seen as she recorded them using a tin can bound to a shoelace. Heavy, man. This stuff sounds REAL.

The only way to obtain away from this disastrous love is, you guessed it, to acquire high because of the beach. And even in the event the words are somewhat bleak and represent areas of staying deeply in love with someone, the assembly is laidback and gentle — which works the overall aesthetic Lana ended up being teasing to social media since a couple weeks ago.

There’s silly thoughts such as these couldn’t creep into someone’s mind over a honeymoon vacation, with references to your beach, this indicates pretty likely that song could just represent a tough patch inside an overall dramatic but very intense relationship. Whatever the case, Lana’s knack for capturing summer in songs is on point here.

Keep killin’ ’em, LDR.

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