One Direction might’ve just chucked a fresh frickin’ song our way with literally zero warning available as ‘Drag Me Down‘ the other day, but based on Louis Tomlinson we’re actually gonna must wait some time for the music video.

WAITING? Oh, nobody is about that life. Except it’s obviously destined to be worth it therefore we have this fanmade trailer thing to tide us over, so alright.

Also, with that said, after last Friday’s debacle now we have serious trust difficulties with those boys and know what to imagine. We’re in turmoil.

When asked with the Capital FM lot once we can expect it in our eyeballs, Tommo teased: “That’s something I should understand the answer to but I don’t. I’m going to say the recording [is coming] probably within two or three weeks, something of that nature.”

Now for no reason actually know anything about film yet, which feels somewhat weird. Like, we’ve seen some stories from fans which it might’ve been shot in a very London warehouse a couple weeks back (with Harry wearing that gold jacket), that is about it. No idea if Ben Winston’s involved, even.

Oof, a minute or so they’re chucking songs out willy-nilly, the following they’re causing us to sit about guessing.

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