Go to a One Direction concert and — if you’re in a position to focus clearly enough amid the decibel-shattering screams — you’ll notice one immediately conspicuous fact: the dads you will find the real MVPs. The unsung heroes, when you.

But at any time there was a 1D dad to visit above and beyond the email of fangirl fatherhood duty, it’s Columbia, Tenn.’s Roger Fraser.

Roger says he’s a “crazy guy,” and you need to take his word correctly. The father of two girls, 14-year-old Makayla and 12-year-old Maddie, he chosen to get a One Direction tattoo to help win front-row concert tickets for his daughters.

MTV News spoke with Roger, who gave us the main crazy, funny, and ultimately heartwarming story. It all started three weeks ago, when Makayla asked him to go into a contest during which dads of die-hard Directioners were required to channel their inner fangirls and wear a 1D stan. The contest was sponsored by an Indianapolis radio station, plus the Frasers thought we would enter since the band didn’t have got tour dates much better their hometown.

Their initial plan ended up being deck Roger in 1D gear and still have him pose in the 1D-themed bedroom decorated towards the nines with posters and paraphernalia galore. However, they soon discovered a small number of dads had already submitted entries achievable apparently unoriginal idea, to make sure they put their thinking caps on.

“I’m pretty crazy. And being crazy and artistic, generate some pretty cool stuff,” Roger told us. “I said, ‘I’m going to have a One Direction tattoo.’ Nobody believed me, nobody thought I’d practice it. I never second guessed it. I went along with the tattoo.”

Makayla chosen the design — a fairly easy “I heart 1D” logo from the band’s signature font — and they also were amused to learn their tattoo artist had also been a dad with Directioner kids of their own.

The overnight, with all the fresh ink still healing on his arm, these folks were sitting in a very Nashville food court when Roger said, “I hope this isn’t among those contests in places you have to be an unchangeable resident with the state to win.” That’s when Makayla viewed the contest’s details in it and saw the 1st rule: all entrants were required to be permanent residents of Indiana.

“She put her head down, within the middle of this food court, and starts balling,” Roger recalled. “I didn’t determine what to say to her and I was embarrassed for only a split second. And then I told my wife, ‘You determine what? This story doesn’t end right this moment; it begins right this moment.’ This is hilarious! I love it. And I considered her and said, ‘I’m keeping this tattoo forever.’”

Sense of humor intact, Makayla tweeted pictures of her dad’s so-called “fail” also it soon went viral, collecting countless retweets and favorites from fellow Directioners who got a boot out of Roger’s story and started calling him a model dad.

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