British singer Sam Smith’s new track would be the saddest song they have ever written.

The 23 yr old is best famous for heartbreaking tracks Stay With Me and I’m Not the Only One from his hit album In the Lonely Hour, but he believes his new material is even darker. Drowning Shadows, on the list of tracks about the repackaged album, could be the “least radio-friendly song” she has ever penned.

“This is proper, really dark,” he told Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 World Record radio show. “It’s extremely important for me to make soulful, true, artistic music and also to make a point that I’m not about to do a repackage and set on there a huge, massive single that’s hopefully likely to boost album sales. Drowning Shadows may be the saddest song I have ever written.”

The original version from the record achieved international success, going 6-times platinum in the UK and 2-times platinum in the United States, together with earning Sam a Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album.

The singer would like to give fans any batch of heartfelt songs to absorb before he begins a hiatus. Check Writing’s On The Wall sheet music here.

“I found myself recently pressing myself to post songs,” he explained. “You’ve got to have these songs to cement your entire career, but there’s an instant where I relax and think, ‘Actually, all of my dreams have fallen true, I’m just living the most wonderful life presently, exactly why don’t I relax, enjoy myself, please take a breath, kiss even more boys and write even more songs?’”

Sam offers to go home and hang out with his family and provide himself opportunity to take in the whirlwind of his achievements on the last couple of years.

“I’ve been going cell phone three years non-stop and it also feels right will be able to just go back home and just live my well being and be a 23 yr old,” he told ET Online a few weeks ago (Oct15).

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