Adele never gets recognised in public places because she doesn’t venture out in heels and fake eyelashes.

The British Hello singer has earned a track record of maintaining a low-profile when she isn’t working, and took an extended break through the spotlight when her son Angelo was given birth to in 2012. Although the girl with one of the biggest stars on earth, which is currently enjoying global success with your ex new album 25, Adele maintains she’ll still avoid paparazzi.

“I live an extremely ordinary life and I think many people are surprised by that,” she told Britain’s Heat magazine. “They don’t think it could be me after they spot me, so that they don’t tweet regarding it or go, ‘Adele was here.’ I don’t head over to museums with the kids, with ten pairs of lashes and high heels on. I do get recognised, but when they realise it’s me, I’m the road.”

The singer-songwriter is thrilled using the reaction to her latest album and admits she was terrified her fans could have forgotten about her during her break from music. While her previous records 19 and 21 have won critical acclaim, Adele believes her current material is her best yet.

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“There are songs with this record that I’m much prouder of than ones on my own last or first record,” she smiled. “There’s a number of tracks on the that I feel are the best songs I’ve ever written… When We Were Young and A Million Years Ago.”

Having topped charts across the world and won a string of awards during her career to date, it’s all regulated still a novelty for Adele. The 27-year-old star rarely has time and energy to think about her success, but does appreciate reflecting for my child achievements during personal moments.

“When I go to get a poo to see all my awards, I think, ‘Wow, I did it good.’ That’s reality,” Adele laughed.

Adele Performing When We Were Young

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